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Illuminoid Assassin

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  1. Kagak
    Even earlier, Dante, in a passing reference in the 19th canto of the Inferno, speaks of 'the treacherous assassin' (lo perfido assassin); his fourteenth-century commentator Francesco da Buti, explaining a term which for some readers at the time may still have been strange and obscure, remarks: 'Assassino è colui che uccide altrui per danari' (An assassin is one who kills others for money).Missing: Illuminoid.
  2. Zulukus
    Bill Laswell has composed, performed, and produced just about every style of music known to man—and a few more, too. In the early s, in tandem with producer John Matarazzo (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Tito Puente, Manu Dibango, Fela Kuti, Sly & Robbie), Laswell co-founded Axiom Records.
  3. Taugor
    "Illuminoid Assassin" Laswell: Bill Laswell with DXT: Personnel. Adapted from the Akasha liner notes. Musicians. Anton Fier – effects and producer () Grand Mixer DXT – turntables (, ) Mick Harris – effects and producer() Haruomi Hosono – drum programming and effects (, )Genre: Dark ambient.
  4. Jur
    Divination - Illuminoid Assassin 4. Web - Transfer Complete 5. Automaton - The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centaurai Year 6. Death Cube K - Maggot Dream. Product details. Audio CD (July 12, ) Number of Discs: 2; Format: Original recording remastered; Label: Collision Cause Chap;5/5(1).
  5. Kill
    SUBHARMONIC IN DUB. This is a collection of ambient electronics from the now defunct Subharmonic and Strata labels. Disc one: 1/ Wake The Dead (Praxis Three) Praxis 2/ Warm Time Machine/Low End Transmission/ (Praxis Three) Over The Foaming Deep Praxis 3/ Asiyah Dub (Blinding The Starry Eyes Of God) (Laswell,Katz) Automaton 4/ Cold Rolled/Iron Dub (Hawkins,Laswell) .
  6. Nale
    The closing track on this disc "Illuminoid Assassin" returns to the Drum'n'Bass theme with a Sci-Fi journey through a series of twisting, turning rhythmic developments, fast, energetic with fragments of Jazz punctuating the autoclaved clarity while various ethnic elements - sounding % more natural than any DEEP FOREST / ENIGMA composites.
  7. Fenrigrel
    Divination - Illuminoid Assassin VA - I Hear Ya! Summer - The Caroline Distribution CD Sampler #9 () VA - I Hear Ya! Summer - The Caroline Distribution CD Sampler #9 () Lossless My Blog. Add comment. Your Name. Your E-Mail. No Joy - Four () Tricycle - King Size ().
  8. Dakus
    Okay. Here's the list. Acknowledgement is due to Kevin Tyrrell, who posted a complete list of all the Ultras and Rares a day or two ago, worked out from frequency information garnered over the Net!Missing: Illuminoid.

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