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  1. Faek
    Regret has the broadest range, from mere disappointment to a painful sense of dissatisfaction or self-reproach, as over something lost or done: She looked back with regret on the pain she had caused her family. He had no regrets about leaving his job.
  2. Kagabei
    Regret is a conscious negative emotional reaction to an undesirable situation. Regret is related to perceived opportunity. Its intensity varies over time after the decision, in regard to action versus inaction, and in regard to self-control at a particular age.
  3. Kigajin
    The closing track of Jay-Z’s classic debut album Reasonable Doubt, “Regrets” is a vulnerable meditation on the moral compromises a Gangster has to make in order to survive.. The laid back.
  4. Tojasho
    The insider added that West "seems much more relaxed and chilled out for the past couple of days" and has "regrets about sharing such private details" about his reality TV star wife,
  5. Golmaran
    When asked whether she had any regrets over her initial response to COVID, Pelosi firmly said she had none, then took the opportunity to accuse Trump of giving the wrong messages. "No, not at thoughricktipharledahardpenkniphylnajor.coinfo: Ronn Blitzer.
  6. Faerr
    11 hours ago · Watch A's red-hot slugger Matt Chapman crush two home runs vs. Angels Ramón Laureano says he regrets charging 'loser' Alex Cintrón in brawl A's vs. Angels live stream: How to watch MLB games online, on TV MLB rumors: Ramon Laureano, Astros coach expected to be suspended Astros broadcaster says Ramón Laureano should've kept his 'mouth shut' MLB rumors: Astros coach .
  7. Jusida
    Some common synonyms of regret are anguish, grief, sorrow, and woe. While all these words mean "distress of mind," regret implies pain caused by deep disappointment, fruitless longing, or unavailing remorse. nagging regret for missed opportunities Where would anguish be a reasonable alternative to regret?
  8. Bragul
    People weighed in on the most common regrets in life, and some of their answers will make you cry. Rachel Gillett. TZ The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send.

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