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Only You Know And I Know

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  1. Kazraramar
    Jul 06,  · D Em x2 [Verse] D Bm Em A I know it's not easy for you to start to believe again D Bm Em A And when the day comes don't let yourself be deceived again D F# Cause I know that you've been waiting, G D Been such a long time that you've been waitin [Chorus] Em And only you know where you have been to, D Em Only you know what you have been through.
  2. Mazuran
    Strumming. There is no strumming pattern for this song yet. Create and get +5 IQ. Only You Know and I Know (Capo 1st fret) (Intro) E Cm7 (4x) E A G E Only you know and I know .
  3. Najas
    Only you know and I know The things we mean to say Just try to remember Now I'm the one you love You told me, ooh try to remember I'm the one you're always thinking of You told me, please try to remember Before I walk away Remember It's not good enough telling me the way it was yesterday Cos only you know and I know The things we mean to say.
  4. Mazugar
    I know only You Without You I'm lost No one knows me The way You do x2 If I forsake Your Presence Who else will I find? So glorious and unchanging No one else x2 Ngiza Kuwe Nkosi (I come to You Lord) Ngiza Kuwe (I come to You) Ngizithoba phambi Kwakho (I bow before You) x2 You I know and no one else You alone I know You I know and no one else.
  5. Malalkis
    Sep 29,  · Dave Mason performing "Only You Know And I Know" at Music City Roots live from the Loveless Cafe on
  6. Sazil
    You know we really only wanna hear The things we like to say So if I said to you please don't do it You'd do it anyway Sometimes I know we gotta be View full lyrics Similar Tracks.
  7. Mazugore
    Only You Know Lyrics: I wanna see something that used to be in your eyes again / I'm waiting to see it, you know it's only a question of when / 'Cause I know how much I'm missing, heaven / You.
  8. Akim
    You know you can't go on getting your own way 'Cause if you do, it's gonna get you someday. If I seem to mislead you It's just my craziness coming through But when it comes down to just two Aw, I ain't no crazier than you 'Cause you know that I mean what I say so don't go And never take me the wrong way You know you can't go on getting your own way.
  9. Gashakar
    can you help me, i am looking for a song that my brother and i listened to in and the only thing i remeber is the word a pocus, I know it was .

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